NEMT Scheduling Software

Non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software called RouteGenie is a groundbreaking technology that provides reliable scheduling service for NEMT providers. Due to this software, providers have the opportunity to receive patient transportation requests, build a perfect driver schedule, and optimize the route. However, our NEMT scheduling software application is far more extensive and goes beyond these functions.


What features does RouteGenie non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software offer in general?

  • Building well-planned and effective routing
  • Improving time-on performance
  • Providing vehicle and driver management 
  • Creating trip requests and trips ratings 
  • Storing drivers’ data
  • Creating drivers’ ratings 
  • Supporting GPS vehicle tracking 
  • Providing real-time visibility into route performance for dispatchers
  • Offering instant upgrades to the dispatch management capabilities
  • Maintaining paperless documentation
  • Featuring electronic signature capture
RouteGenie is convenient for NEMT providers who should digitize and automate their operations to improve their performance, hence, fatten the profits. All in all, RouteGenie is one of the best NEMT scheduling software since it’s a time-, labor-, and money-saving solution which delivers a seamless medical transportation experience.

About 4 million Americans – aging seniors, disabled people, older adults in rural areas – delay or even miss medical appointments since they lack enough level of income and/or appropriate transportation. That’s why NEMT companies are so important in today’s world. They help disabled patients and/or senior people get to and from medical appointments, hospitals, pharmacy, or urgent care. 

Unfortunately, NEMT providers face lots of problems if they fully rely upon human resources, not technology. These problems include Inefficient driver scheduling, drivers getting lost, missed pick-ups, no-shows, cancellations, traffic problems, vehicles breaking down, on-demand trips, add-on trips, driver call-offs. Running transportation operations is quite challenging work, and up-to-date technologies, such as NEMT scheduling software, can help a lot here. The right software minimizes errors which might not only cost lots of money for the company but also cause real problems for patients.

But these aren’t the only problems NEMT providers may face. Each organization performs under unique circumstances: it can provide rides in an urban or rural area, work with a single funder or multiple ones. And NEMT providers must be aware of all special aspects to perform efficiently. 

That’s why you should consider RouteGenie because it’s the right automated solution that can upgrade your workflow, and make it less time- and labor-consuming, therefore, costly.


We have created excellent medical transportation scheduling software to support the needs of NEMT providers. It’s capable of building optimized schedules and boasts flexible dispatch and scheduling modules that can be formed to meet individual needs. Our NEMT scheduling software is customizable as per your business needs, so it’s very convenient to use it! This platform can handle real-time scheduling changes, plus, such challenges as add on trips, on-demand trips, will calls, no shows, late cancellations, driver call-offs, vehicle breakdowns, traffic problems, and more.

How exactly will your business benefit from using RouteGenie? It’s possible due to the next advantages, so our software:

Optimizes scheduling

Go beyond paper-based documentation and systems! RouteGenie will help you spend less time and labor preparing schedules manually. The automated system identifies the number of vehicles and what kind of vehicles are needed. That’s how a perfect schedule and route are built.

Enhances on-time performance

The software considers suitable pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip, improving on-time performance.

Supports real-time communicating with drivers

RouteGenie sends real-time messages and updates to the drivers’ app. This way drivers always have consistent information while dispatchers understand where the drivers are and what they are doing.

Optimizes routing

Our software stops stress over routing! It will do all the job for you! Just configure the system to build the route and you are good to go!

GPS capabilities

User-friendly interface holds drivers accountable to schedule, plus, it allows real-time traffic updates. The software helps to improve location accuracy and/or trip reassignment if needed.

Available on mobile devices

This feature increases providers’ and drivers’ efficiency, improves transportation experience satisfaction in passengers. Trip management becomes transparent since all stakeholders are on the line and can easily communicate with each other.

Saves on drivers’ labor

NEMT scheduling software considers each vehicle capacity. It also recognizes the patient’s needs when selecting and assigning vehicles to trips. This feature is convenient for both providers and passengers because it eliminates the chances of the wrong car or unqualified driver. It makes the service more productive and cost-effective.

Real-time visibility

This feature allows a dispatcher to see how trips and routes are being performed in real-time. Analyzing this information, providers can make adjustments or changes to improve overall performance.

Reduces costs

RouteGenie will save the company’s money by reducing wasted miles and unnecessary vehicles.

In conclusion, our NEMT scheduling software will cover all providers’ demands; you won’t be disappointed by any hidden fees. The technology is tailored to meet all the needs of NEMT providers of any size in any location. With RouteGenie, patients will get safe and reliable rides while your NEMT business will increase revenue!

Develop your non-emergency medical transportation service reliability with our NEMT scheduling software!