NEMT Billing Software

NEMT dispatch and billing software called RouteGenie along with its BillingGenie feature is a perfect technology that helps to handle the everyday NEMT challenges such as add on trips, on-demand trips, no shows, will calls, cancellations, driver call-offs, traffic problems, and more. The tool also improves billing accuracy, compliance, and lessen rejected trips. On top of that, users will get faster reimbursements. Due to our software, NEMT billing company’s transactions will be HIPAA-compliant, and data for audits will be captured automatically.

What Can BillingGenie Do?

  • It enhances time-on performance
  • It can build a well-planned and effective routing
  • Provides driver and vehicle management 
  • Stores drivers’ information
  • Creates drivers’ ratings
  • Makes trip requests and trips ratings 
  • Supports real-time visibility for dispatchers
  • Provides GPS car tracking 
  • Is compatible with a mobile app
  • Provides prompt upgrades to the dispatch management capacities
  • Boasts electronic signature capture
  • Helps to create paperless documentation

Digitizing and automating NEMT operations is a win-win solution for all participants: patients, healthcare providers, and NEMT providers. Patients get excellent, quick, and accurate services. Healthcare providers have fewer cancelations or delayed appointments. NEMT providers enhance their performance, thus, increase the profit. RouteGenie is advanced software that will save on providers’ time, labor, and money; it’ll definitely deliver a seamless medical transportation experience!

Each year nearly 4 million adult Americans with lower income delay or even miss medical care because of difficulties with transportation, and this poses a serious risk to their health. That’s why state Medicaid programs ensure that this population has access to NEMT so that they can get to and from medical appointments, hospitals, urgent care, or pharmacy.

However, like any other industry, NEMT companies face various issues. They include:

  • Human errors – if the company mainly relies on human resources instead of using modern technologies and platforms, it leads to frequent mistakes. It might cost lots of money for the business. 
  • NEMT billing processes are time- and labor-consuming if all operations are done manually. 
  • Every company works under unique conditions: urban or rural areas, mountain areas, etc.
  • The structure of Medicare, Medicaid, or another insurance-based service varies from state to state, and each NEMT provider must know all the special aspects to perform effectively. 
  • The company can work with multiple funders which increases the number of mistakes. This is if the providers perform operations manually without the help of smart software.

The following are problems that NEMT providers face every single day:

  • Issues with frequent vehicles breaking down
  • Traffic problems
  • Inefficient driver scheduling
  • Drivers getting lost
  • Driver call-offs
  • Missed pick-ups    
  • No-shows
  • On-demand trips
  • Add on trips
  • Cancellations

The good news is that there is an excellent solution to all these issues is RouteGenie. It’ll reduce or even eliminate human errors, upgrade the workflow, automate all the operations. The business will become more productive and profitable, and patients will get better service. The right software is a silver bullet for your NEMT business!


We’ve designed RouteGenie billing software for non-emergency medical transportation to accommodate the needs of NEMT companies. It takes out all the guesswork and streamlines the operations to enable providers to call up NEMT billing operations accurately with less time and effort. Our software is very convenient to use since it’s customizable as per your business needs. It comes with features like optimized dispatch and scheduling, enhanced visibility, GPS functionality, and mobile app technologies. All in all, our NEMT billing software offers much more to non-emergency transportation companies than any other solution on the market. 

Here are the main advantages of our NEMT billing software.

It provides efficient billing operations and payments

The software is capable of creating digital invoices for clients and sharing them via email.

It provides fast reimbursements

Thanks to our software, NEMT providers get reimbursements faster even if they work with multiple funding sources (Medicare, Medicaid, other contracts). 

It streamlines attestations

The software knows which trips have been completed and which haven’t. It can sync with your biller and simplify the attestation process.

It outwatches every NEMT trip

Every trip is allocated to the party that has to pay for it, making it effortless to produce billing files and reports.

It creates broker billing files

The platform is capable of generating a huge amount of billing templates to the brokers’ specifications. 

It provides paperless billing documentation

Our software can create special forms for easy submission or printing. It can even generate PDF documents for easy printing or emailing them in seconds. 

It helps to rate and code rides properly

The software smart coding feature applies the right medical codes and rates to each ride. 

It streamlines documentation, Medicaid and health plans

Our software creates batch billing files besides being HIPAA compatible. Automated data conveyance enhances billing accuracy and compliance as well as reduces rejected trips.

It reduces the company’s costs

Our NEMT billing Medicaid software does save providers’ money due to effortless & quick operations, and fewer errors.

Billing is always stressful! Providers must meet tight deadlines, send tons of necessary information, maintain difficult accuracy standards – all these procedures are time-consuming and costly. Our NEMT billing software was created to simplify the process for tens of different payers. Whether your company deals with brokers, health plans, schools, medical facilities, or any other payers, our software has got you covered! 

In conclusion, running a transportation business is no cakewalk but when you use the right software it becomes far easier. This billing NEMT software was created with NEMT providers and their needs in mind, so you can fully rely on it. 

Provide excellent service, streamline all operations, and fatten the profits with RouteGenie!