A powerful software
for NEMT Providers

RouteGenie will help ease the burden of scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing your trips!



RouteGenie minimizes your costs by building you the most efficient schedule everyday based on the capacity of your vehicles. On average, RouteGenie customers see a 10-20% reduction in the number of vehicles on the road and miles driven.


Once your day gets started, a lot of trip changes are coming: new trips, no shows, driver call offs, and vehicle breakdowns happen everyday. DispatchGenie adjusts in real-time, making live dispatching decisions and even muti-loading trips automatically.


Transportation providers get trips from a wide variety of different sources. Getting all of them into one place with the most up-to-date and information is critical. The ImportGenie offers best-in-class real time integrations to make information flow into your systems seamlessly.


BillingGenie helps you maintain the financial health of your business by making it easy to generate all of your billing, including broker billing, 837P files, CMS 1500 forms, and paper invoices. Once you make your files, sending your invoices and tracking payments is a breeze.


Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. Maintaining a reliable, healthy, and properly certified fleet makes everything that you do possible. FleetGenie alerts help you keep your vehicles properly inspected, insured, and certified with all of your payers.


HRGenie helps you manage all aspects of your relationship with your drivers, starting with managing your applications! After they’re hired, you can keep track of documents, timekeeping, commissions, certification and licensing renewals, and more!


The NoShowGenie gives you a set of tools to communicate better with passengers to prevent no shows from happening. You even get tools to help identify trips that are potential no shows and require that they are confirmed before they are dispatched!


The DriverGenie app guides your drivers through their day and gives them a live, real-time connection with the Dispatch office. Drivers get their manifest, important trip updates, collect signatures, and even collect payments all right from the application.

CustomerGenie App

New technology has your passengers and payers wanting more transparency and information than ever. The CustomerGenie gives unprecedented access to your passengers, payers, and partner facilities, putting you in position to win more contracts than ever before.

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