NEMT Management Software

NEMT management software is an intelligent technology that allows you to be in full control of all company processes and operations at any time, anywhere. The management module is also created to open more space for NEMT organizations to cooperate with NEMT independent contractors and keep their operations compliant and straightforward. It’ll allow your business to grow and thrive.

What RouteGenie NEMT management software can do

  • It covers all management, vehicle tracking, and invoicing.
  • The system prevents fraud.
  • The software allows expanding the fleet.
  • It protects you against inaccurate information from the drivers and vehicles.
  • The system makes it easy to manage driver performance.
  • It streamlines and simplifies payroll.

RouteGenie management software will help you streamline managing the company’s team by getting important driver performance metrics, maintaining driver documentation, calculating payroll, and tracking new applicants and hires. When we were creating this software we aimed to alleviate complexities that NEMT providers and HR managers regularly face.

Obviously, they have to deal with plenty of paperwork, incoming applications, and other documentation, let alone guiding the team through the onboarding process. It’s always better to handle this work with the help of technology since it helps to avoid numerous errors. RouteGenie management software ensures that all necessary data and documents are collected and securely kept in the HR’s employee files.  

Another issue that takes plenty of time and labor is constant control over drivers’ performance, passenger ratings, calculating employee and/or contractor pay and tracking hours worked. All these operations must be automated, it ultimately saves the company’s money. NEMT management software handles this brilliantly! It will track and calculate for you!

Providers and/or HR managers have to track expiration dates of insurance, licenses, vehicle inspections, drivers’ training, and other requirements designated by funders. Plus, they have to provide effective credential management. And again, the NEMT manager app comes handy! The system will give you proactive notifications and remind you about certifications or licenses which expire soon. The list of various concerns is quite long, and NEMT providers have to cope with them daily.

Luckily, there is a multifunctional solution which is helpful not only for providers but also for HR managers, it’s RouteGenie NEMT software. The platform automates all operations such as managing documentation, dispatching, scheduling, routing, and billing. In addition, it establishes communication with drivers and clients, streamlines claims and billing, improvesg visibility, features mobile app technologies, GPS functionality, etc. Besides, such technology helps to prevent numerous human errors that are costly for any organization. 

The use of RouteGenie NEMT software can develop the company’s efficiency, improve the service, therefore, fatten the profit.


Our team has designed NEMT manager software to satisfy all needs of NEMT companies. Our technology is multifunctional and customizable as per individual needs. It’s suitable for the organizations of any size and location since we took into account any and all features you may need. How will you benefit from using our software?

Managing compliance documents

The uploader collects everything you need in 1 electronic file. Also, the system identifies which documents may be missing or need updates in drivers’ files.

Managing new applications and hires

Employees’ files will manage incoming applications and guide you through onboarding operations to ensure that all necessary documents are collected.

Tracking certifications and licensing

The system gives providers proactive notifications to warn them that certifications and licenses are due to expire soon.

Tracking drivers’ performance

The system reporting tools will ensure that you are aware of how drivers perform in the field, including efficiency metrics, on-time performance, and passenger ratings.

Automatic calculation of payments and commissions

The software allows calculating contractors and employees commissions and pays, tracking hours, generating how much drivers have earned for every pay period.

NEMT manager app is accessible from everywhere, any time so that you can run your business without much hassle. Save your time and reduce costs with our RouteGenie NEMT software! It offers more than any other platform!

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