NEMT Fleet Software

NEMT fleet software FleetGenie is a part of RouteGenie and it’s a turned-on technology that gives an excellent opportunity to digitize all NEMT operations such as transport driver management, routing and scheduling optimization, and billing operations.

What Can FleetGenie Do?

It provides driver and vehicle management 

It creates a well-thought, efficient routing and scheduling

It enhances on-time performance

Generates drivers’ ratings

  • Keeps drivers’ data
  • Offers real-time visibility for providers
  • Produce trip requests and trips ratings 
  • It’s compatible with a mobile app
  • Supports GPS tracking 
  • Generates paperless documentation
  • Generates immediate upgrades to the dispatch management capacities
  • Has electronic signature capture
  • Provides client notifications
  • Enhances billing accuracy
  • Simplifies payrolls
RoutGenie NEMT software is an excellent solution for all related parties: NEMT providers, passengers, and medical caregivers. Medical caregivers will have fewer canceled assignments, passengers will get perfect service, lastly, NEMT providers upgrade their performance, hence, increase the profit.

About four million Americans yearly miss or delay their medical appointments because they lack transportation. This population category includes disabled people, aging seniors, older adults in rural or mountainous areas, ordinarily healthy people hindered by trauma, surgery, or medication. Fortunately, state Medicaid programs provide access to NEMT for disadvantaged, low-income people with transportation issues. Due to NEMT, fragile patients can see healthcare providers or visit pharmacies whenever they need it. NEMT vehicles are fitted out with special tools and equipment, this way, riders have safe and comfortable trips. However, NEMT companies face various problems, such as:

  • NEMT dispatching, scheduling, and routing operations take plenty of time if they are managed manually. 
  • Human errors – they can inflict a loss on the company.  
  • Every NEMT provider runs under different circumstances: mountainous region, rural or urban areas, etc.
  • NEMT can deal with both single or multiple funders, it can lead to muddle. 
  • The structure of Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance services differs from state to state, so NEMT companies must know all their particular aspects to work effectively.

On the other hand, NEMT providers must handle certain issues on the daily basis. These issues include:

  • Issues with frequent vehicles breaking down
  • Traffic issues
  • Faulty routing
  • Inefficient scheduling
  • Missed pickups
  • Driver call-offs
  • On-demand trips
  • Driver getting lost
  • No-shows
  • Add on trips
  • Cancellations
  • Luckily, you can get a solution that can help to run the business more effectively and avoid hundreds of disappointing and costly errors – it’s RouteGenie NEMT software. What makes it so effective:
  • The quality software automates ALL operations – non-emergency and medical transport management, billing operations, communication with passengers, healthcare providers, and payers, etc.
  • It significantly reduces or even eliminates errors. Thanks to this, providers will perform much better, and clients will get perfect service; therefore, the company’s profit will increase.   
    Note that the best NEMT software must be customizable per your business needs and cover all operations.
  • Advantages

    Our team has designed NEMT fleet software that meets all needs of NEMT companies. We considered any and all features which providers might want in their software. Our platform is comprehensive and adjustable per individual needs and expectations of each NEMT provider. 

    NEMT fleet maintenance software will help you rout the trips efficiently and cut down on unnecessary vehicles and drivers. This way, the company will decrease its costs. Here is a list of the benefits for those who use our software.

    Efficient routing and trip scheduling trips

    Configure the system to generate routes and schedules for you effectively. The software “knows” how many and what vehicles are needed throughout a day, so it does all the hard work for you!

    Assigning the right vehicle

    The software considers passenger’s needs to ensure that the driver is qualified enough, and the vehicle is equipped with everything needed to perform the trip.  

    Saving on drivers’ labor

    The software employs every vehicle’s capacity, therefore, utilizes fewer cars.

    Saving on fuel and vehicle maintenance

    Due to efficiently built routes and schedules, our NEMT maintenance software lessens unnecessary drives and waste.

    Enhancing on-time performance

    The software considers the proper pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip.

    We understand the problems that NEMT providers regularly face. That’s why our team has become concerned about these problems and created RoutGenie NEMT fleet software. It’s comprehensive and customizable; you’ll get everything you need to make the service more comfortable and safe for clients, therefore, fatten the company’s profit.