NEMT Broker Integration Software

NEMT broker management software called RouteGenie is an advanced tool for broker portal synchronization and trip data import. It allows efficient management of all certification information, validating providers, drivers, and vehicles.

NEMT providers and drivers regularly face various problems concerning brokerage. In the majority of cases, they receive trips from many brokers and must stay connected to the payers’ portals to perform efficiently. Besides, data importing to brokers is a complicated procedure. If all these operations are done manually, it leads to confusion and lots of errors that are costly for the company and might inflict loss.     

Taking into account these difficulties, it makes sense to automate and digitize all operations. That’s why the market offers an excellent solution – RouteGenie NEMT broker management software. Actually, it’s a silver bullet for your business since it offers many useful features that you couldn’t have expected from the ordinary software. RouteGenie software with broker integration features copes with all issues mentioned above and even more! Using our software, NEMT providers will save on time and labor since the technology will do all hard work for them – it’ll handle NEMT brokerage, reservations, dispatching, fleet management, routing, scheduling, billing, audit all trip information before importing, and more. That’s how complicated procedures become effortless for you!

On top of that, your clients will receive an excellent service since the system “knows” what type of vehicle they need and how it must be equipped. Plus, providers and drivers will be always aware of all trip changes or modifications. No more delays or cancelations! RouteGenie NEMT broker management system is comprehensive, customizable, and covers all functions that NEMT providers need.

What makes RouteGenie broker integration software so effective

  • This quality technology automates and digitizes all NEMT processes and operations.
  • Our software eliminates human errors. 
  • With the help of the software, the trips will be automatically imported and optimized.
  • Providers will feel more confident knowing that trip data is audited before importing.
  • The software will approve invoices and billing claims for trip brokers
  • It will improve the overall workflow.
Thanks to the RouteGenie software, NEMT companies will work much more efficiently, and passengers will always be happy with an excellent service.


We’ve created NEMT broker management software that satisfies all needs of NEMT providers. Each of the aspects mentioned above was at the forefront when we were designing it. Our platform is comprehensive and customizable as per your business needs. It’s suitable for the company of any size and location since we considered any and all functions you may need.

Our non-emergency medical transportation brokerage module will sync the system up with trip sources. This way you’ll focus on performing the rides instead of worrying about updating them. Here are the advantages of our technology and how your company will benefit from using it:

  • The software imports all trips and syncs with a broker portal to get new trips.
  • Due to the software, NEMT broker can check the distance to the nearest client’s bus stop
  • Dispatchers and drivers won’t miss cancellations, they can be removed from the driver’s manifest.
  • The software syncs up scheduling and dispatching. When trips come in or are changed, the system automatically finds a suitable vehicle to perform efficiently.  
  • The software identifies trip changes and updates schedule in real-time.
  • The system sends notifications if trips change.
  • The software is capable of connecting to all of your payers across the country.
  • The credential dashboard is easy to use.
  • The system automatically updates a status upon the expiration of a credential.
  • Providers can review, login, and/or update credential statuses, upload, and attach relevant documentation for each credential.

All of these capabilities can be accessed from anywhere – home computer, office desktop, or mobile phone, it makes running your business more convenient and efficient. Our RoutGenie software offers much more than any other solution on the market. 

Try it out today and see the results!