NEMT Client Software App

NEMT client software app CustomerGenie offers customers more control over their rides, personal profiles, past and upcoming trips. Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly with little to no setup. Using this mobile app, customers can perform the whole host of self-service tasks. On top of that, it’s convenient not only for passengers but also for other members – providers, drivers, and brokers.

What Can CustomerGenie App Do?

  • It ensures that drivers get daily trip assignments 
  • It sends notifications to drivers if schedule or route have been changed
  • Allows customers to self-manage their rides  
  • Informs clients about their trip status
  • Stores complete and accurate drivers’ data
  • Responds to complaints, compliments, and other clients’ inquiries
  • Enables clients to track the vehicle location 
  • Allows clients to request a pick-up

With the CustomerGenie non-emergency medical transportation client software app that streamlines all scheduling, routing, and billing operations, customers get control over the high-level NEMT service they need, thus making their NEMT company a reliable partner in their eyes. CustomerGenie comes within RouteGenie software package.

To increase their brand awareness on the NEMT market, non-emergency medical transportation companies have to provide transparency to payers. They also should make their main priority passengers’ safety and comfort. They must do their best to satisfy their fragile customers.

All these issues are easy to overcome with the help of RouteGenie NEMT client software. Note, that it’s comprehensive and customizable as per your business needs. It will automate all NEMT operations, plus, provide transparency between all stakeholders – customers, brokers, and NEMT providers.


Our team has created NEMT client software app which is an important part of the RouteGenie solution. Our main goal was to satisfy the needs of NEMT providers and their clients. The software directly connects you with passengers through the app and provides them with convenience and control over their trips.

Enabling clients to easily book trips

No more phone calls, faxes, emails, etc. Our NEMT software with dispatch feature and client management allows trips to go directly from the client’s mobile app into the driver’s system to be scheduled, routed, and dispatched.

Helping you build a strategic partnership

Due to the app, any medical facility can see your trips to and from it. This way, the facility can plan resources better for patients’ arrival and departure. It makes your company convenient to deal with.

Keeping passengers well-informed

A pre-trip reminder ensures that a passenger is ready for the trip, and there aren’t any scheduling errors. Also, the software provides clients with live ride updates when the driver is on the way.

Ensuring transparency for your funders

The funders receive live trip updates on the customers and can get ready accordingly.

All essential aspects for NEMT providers were at the forefront when we were creating RouteGenie NEMT client software. With our technology, you can make managing your practice easier than ever!