Our Solutions

Save on driver labor.RouteGenie utilizes each NEMT vehicle’s capacity and uses the fewest vehicles possible.
Stop stressing over routing.RouteGenie does the hard work for you. Simply configure the system to build your routes and go!
Choose the right NEMT vehicle.RouteGenie considers passenger seating needs and other special needs to make sure the vehicle and driver are qualified to perform each trip that they are assigned.
Save on NEMT vehicle maintenance and fuel.RouteGenie builds efficient routes that reduce unnecessary driving and waste.
Schedule intelligently.RouteGenie identifies how many vehicles and which vehicles are needed throughout the day so you can build a perfect driver schedule.
Improve on-time performance.RouteGenie considers the appropriate pick up and drop off windows for each trip.
Make the best dispatching decisions.DispatchGenie will suggest and/or select the best NEMT vehicle for a trip.
Choose the right NEMT vehicle every time.DispatchGenie considers passenger needs when suggesting and assigning vehicles to trips. Never send out an unqualified driver or vehicle again!
Multi-load effectively and efficiently.DispatchGenie’s intelligent dispatching engine will consider and execute on multi-load opportunities.
Allow dispatchers to be more proactive .Less time and stress spend on choosing NEMT vehicles and fixing mistakes allows your dispatchers to provide better service to your passengers and drivers.
Communicate with drivers in real time.DispatchGenie sends real-time updates to the RouteGenie Driver App, so NEMT drivers always have the most up to date information, and you always know what your drivers are doing.
Reduce labor and maintenance costs.Fewer wasted miles and unnecessary NEMT vehicles on the road saves you money!
Import all of your trips.ImportGenie syncs with your broker portal to bring in new trips.
Don’t miss cancellations.ImportGenie watches for trips that come through as canceled or disappear from your broker manifest so they can be removed from your system and the driver’s manifest.
Stay up to date with changes.ImportGenie identifies trip changes and makes those updates to your schedule in real time.
Sync up scheduling and dispatching.When new NEMT Trips come in or trips are changed, DispatchGenie automatically takes over and begins working on finding the best vehicle for those trips.
Connect to all of your payers.ImportGenie works with dozens of payers across the country. If it isn’t synced with your payer yet, we will perform a free assessment to let you know what type of sync we can build with them.
Get alerted when NEMT trips change.ImportGenie sends you a notification to tell you when an upcoming trip has been added, modified, or canceled.
Rate and code your NEMT trips properly.BillingGenie’s intelligent coding tool applies the right medical codes (where applicable) and rates to every trip.
Generate broker billing files.BillingGenie can generate dozens of billing templates to your broker’s specifications.
Keep track of every NEMT Trip.Each trip is assigned to the party responsible for paying for it, making it easy to product billing files and reporting.
Simplify billing Medicaid and health plans.BillingGenie creates 837P batch billing files; the national standard HIPAA compliant electronic billing file used by health plans and state Medicaid systems.
Simplify attestations.BillingGenie syncs with your payer to streamline the attestation process, since it knows which NEMT trips were completed and which were not!
Paper billing is streamlined too.BillingGenie can generate CMS 1500 forms for easy printing and submission. We even help you create your one PDF invoices for printing or e-mailing in minutes.
Keep track of regular maintenance events.FleetGenie will send alerts when maintenance is coming up based on time or mileage so you can make plans to take the NEMT vehicles off the road to perform maintenance.
Analyze vehicle maintenance history.FleetGenie allows you to view a full history of all maintenance and repair events on a vehicle, helping you decide if it’s best to repair or replace a vehicle.
Receive alerts for failed trip inspections.FleetGenie sends your team an automated alert when a driver marks an item as defective on their pre or post check.
Get reminders for inspections.FleetGenie will alert your team when a required vehicle inspection is upcoming and when it expires to make sure only approved vehicles are on the road.
Manage new applications and new hire.HRGenie’s employee files help you manager your incoming applications and guide your team through the onboarding process to make sure all necessary paperwork and documents are collected.
Track NEMT licensing and certifications.HRGenie syncs into the notification system, giving you proactive notifications to remind you that licenses or certifications are due to expire soon.
Track NEMT driver performance.HRGenie’s reporting and performance metric tools help you stay in touch with how your drivers are performing in the field, including on-time performance, efficiency metrics, and passenger ratings.
Automatically calculate pay and commissions.HRGenie allows you to calculate employee and contractor pay and/or commissions, track hours worked, and even generate how much your NEMT driver has earned for each pay period.
Manage NEMT compliance documents.HRGenie’s document uploader helps you collect everything you need in one neat, organized electronic file. It even helps you identify what documents might be missing or need updates in the driver’s file.
Send NEMT trip reminders.A big reason that clients no show is because they forgot about their trip or made other arrangements and forgot to cancel with you. NoShowGenie allows you to send trip reminders via an app notification or text message to remind your passengers of their trip and even ask them to confirm!
Simplify cancellation.Many no shows happen because your client doesn’t know how to get ahold of you or simply doesn’t want to spend the time waiting on hold. By making it easy for the client to confirm or cancel their ride via your app or a text message.
Connect with your passengers with or without a smartphone.The option to use text message and/or your own mobile application makes it easy to reach almost all of your passengers.
Keep using technology simple.The RouteGenie Driver App’s easy to use interface guides your NEMT drivers through their day. The app even has a built in training video to help you get drivers up to speed or to give them a quick refresher training.
Make driver payroll easier than ever.Drivers can clock in and out for their shift right from the RouteGenie Driver App.
Always know where your vehicles are.The RouteGenie Driver App tracks the location of your NEMT driver and reports it back to the office where it is displayed on a map for easy use. Drivers can update the status of each trip as it unfold, giving dispatch clear visibility as to what each driver is doing so they can react accordingly.
Stop chasing drivers for specific forms.Drivers can be required to complete pre and/or post trip vehicle inspection checklists before they can see trips in the app. The RouteGenie Driver app will also allow your Drivers to take credit card payments and track cash or check payments that they have received right in the vehicle.
Collect required NEMT trip data.Your payers have a lot of demands when it comes to providing them with trip data. The RouteGenie Driver app can collect driver and passenger signatures, timestamps, odometer readings and GPS location data for all of your trips, even if they lose their data connection!
Make sure drivers are in the right place.The pick-up and drop off verification tool keeps track of when drivers arrive and depart each of their stops using GPS tracking and geofence technology.
Have more informed passengers.The CustomerGenie App allows passengers to get live trip updates once their driver is on the way and when they have arrived at the pick up location. Pre-trip reminders make sure passengers are ready for service and that there weren’t any scheduling errors.
Make it easy to book NEMT trips with you.The Payer and Facility Portals allow for trips to be scheduled, which go directly into your system to be routed and dispatched. No more faxes, phone calls, or e-mails with sensitive PHI.
Provide transparency to your payers.The Payer Portal allows your payers to get live trip updates on their clients and can prepare accordingly.
Form strategic partnerships.The Facility Portal allows any medical facility to see all of your trips that are coming in and out of their facility, regardless of the responsible payer. This allows facilities to plan their resources better for patient arrival and departure, making them more likely to want to do business with you!